MassChallenge 2020 Sports Vertical Finalist

NeuroRescue Presents to Secretary Dr. Ben Carson in Washington, DC

NeuroRescue Claims MassChallenge Gold Win

NeuroRescue Selected as MassChallenge Finalist

26 high-impact companies represent the top startup applicants from around the world who will participate in the not-for-profits first Houston-based program. The addition of the Houston program startups extends MassChallenge Texas’ support to 100 startups this year.

NeuroRescue Makes National News

NeuroRescue is opening its headquarters at 412 Travis St. in Lafayette’s Oil Center at 2:30 p.m. Friday. NeuroRescue, originally from Ohio, has moved its business to Lafayette after winning Accelerate South in 2018.

“We took that momentum and forged strong relationships with local businesses,” said Robert Maher, CEO of NeuroRescue. “So we wanted to maintain that momentum and spur economic growth in the area that believed in us so strongly.”


NeuroRescue’s product, a “Cerebral Cooling Collar,” helps paramedics to maintain patients’ temperatures following cardiac arrest by cooling the blood traveling to the brain.


After fruitless efforts with cold packs, Maher, a firefighter for over 20 years, said he came up with the idea to have the cold packs from sliding off patients. He said the “secret sauce” in NeuroRescue is its ability to be transferred from paramedic to clinician without having to be handled.

Tech Warrior OPS

NeuroRescue honored for the invite, participates in Tech Warrior Ops Demo Week, at The National Center for Medical Readiness.  NeuroRescue demonstrated how their Therapeutic Temperature Management (TTM) technology can benefit Warfighters and First Responders.

Tech Warrior OPS provides an opportunity for small businesses to gain early feedback from Warfighters and First Responders.  The OPS event is designated to place technologies in the hands of the actual user during training and exercise scenarios that simulate more rigorous operational use.  This allows the user to provide highly valuable objective and subjective feedback. It also provides small business with direct access to the operators for open discourse regarding potential solutions to any challenges encountered and accelerates the time it takes to formulate and excuse solutions.

Winner of Medical Shark Tank Competition

NeuroRescue Wins Medical Shark Tank!  Top 10 Medical Start – Ups from across the USA competed.  The “Sharks” were healthcare partners and angel investors from Louisiana – based companies:  Acadian Companies, Lafayette General Foundation, Blue Cross / Blue Shield of Louisiana, LHC Group, Louisiana Orthopedic Specialists, VieMed, and Perret Group.


Accelerate South is a 12-week long business acceleration program that focuses on accelerating innovative healthcare companies. Ten startups will be accepted into the program. These ten companies will receive access to titans of the healthcare industry who are willing to open their facilities’ doors to test innovative products/services, mentor startups and potentially invest, as our investing partners. What’s more is that if selected, you and your team will have access to our medical expert mentors, business expert advisers, professional service grants, MBA candidate interns, tailored curricula, travel/lodging reimbursements along with office space in the progressive Opportunity Machine located in Lafayette, LA – the tastiest, happiest city in America.